Once upon a time...

Long, long ago, when Kristen had another name, a job as a student pastor and a drama group, Kristen wrote scripts for skits to be performed in churches. Here are a few for you to download for free...

Download Scripts


    People respond to the message about Jesus in different ways. In this drama, we take a humorous look at some of the ways people respond to the offer of rescue when their boat is sinking... 

    Download pdf.

  • Getting to know Blankets better

    Theme: Evangelism

    One of the characters has some important information, but finds it just too scary. A humorous look at some of the fear we feel about sharing the Gospel.

    Download pdf.

  • Hope for What?

    Theme: Suffering

    Designed as a teaser before a sermon, two friends discuss the inequalities in the world, and wonder where hope might lie. 

    Download pdf.

  • Someone should do something

    Over breakfast, a couple examine the brokenness of our world, and wonder why someone isn't doing something about that...

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