Unshakable is a compilation of articles previously published on Fervr.net,  aimed at helping teens to work through various issues in their faith. Kristen has contributed a number of articles in this anthology.

What if? 

Dealing with Doubts

When doubt hits, how do you cope? This book helps young people through the often scary world of doubt, and provides answers to some of the tough questions of life. Is God real? What if I fail? What if bad stuff happens?

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Survival Guides

The Survival Guides are a series of teen devotional Bible Studies, which bring the Bible into life, one bite-sized study at a time. 

The Busy Girl's Survival Guide takes readers through the book of Ephesians, and includes helpful hints about surviving stressful times (like exams). With the companion Busy Blokes' Survival Guide (co-written with John Young), the book can be used for individual devotions, youth groups and small group Bible Studies.

The Survival Guide to Wise Living takes readers through various themes: friendship, money, work, relationships, with a focus on the book of Proverbs. What is wisdom, according to the Bible? How can we live wisely as we navigate the real world? 

The Survival Guide According to Jesus brings the teachings of Jesus into focus. What are parables? How do we understand Jesus' teaching today? How can it help us?

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UK Stockists 10 of those.