Kristen Young was born (and spent a memorable first few months of her life) in the UK, grew up in Sydney, but now lives in the Central West of NSW with her husband, three children, and slightly neurotic dog. She has been involved in church-based ministry for over 20 years, and loves helping people of any age to see how awesome Jesus is. 


Kristen has had a number of books published, beginning with The Survival Guide series of devotions for teens. What if? Dealing with Doubt is a book for anyone from high school age onward, and aims to help anyone struggling with doubts about God, Jesus, or faith. You can find out more about her books here.

Praise for "What if?"

"an excellent resource to help stimulate your thinking about the key apologetic issues associated with the Christian faith."

- Adam Cetrangolo

"I highly recommend this primer for the doubting Christian" - David Bell, Eternity News.